Looking at the "sea" every summer, how to break the urban waterlogging?

With the advent of summer, the torrential rain has become a "regular visitor". At this time, urban residents cannot escape the experience of "crossing the ocean".

urban waterlogging

Urban waterlogging is a China Lora wireless modem Manufacturers problem that is difficult to cure for a long time, and people's travel and life are seriously affected during the flood season every year!

urban flooding 2

Why is urban waterlogging difficult to cure?

1. Urban environment

Due to the sparse vegetation and few ponds in the city, the rainwater cannot be stored, resulting in the phenomenon of "catchment" and the formation of stagnant water. Moreover, the emergence of the heat island effect has led to an increase in the probability of rainstorms and concentrated precipitation.

2. Urban drainage system

At present, some domestic cities have complex drainage pipe networks, aging pipes, and relatively low drainage standards. In some places, the drainage facilities are not perfect, and the lag in the construction of the drainage system is an important cause of waterlogging. In addition, a large number of hard pavements in the city, such as asphalt roads and cement pavements, have poor water permeability during rainfall, so it is not easy to infiltrate, and it is easy to form water accumulation on this road.

3. Human Factors

Due to climate change caused by human factors,China Lora wireless modem suppliers  the increase of urban population density, massive heat rejection, heat island effect and air pollution lead to imbalance of water circulation system, thus causing changes in urban microclimate.


To alleviate the problem of urban waterlogging, combined with wireless communication technology, we have developed a set of solutions. First, the interception well is a better solution. The interception well is a device used for rain and sewage diversion and sewage interception at the end.

According to the design principle, when the sewage is diverted to the interception well on sunny days, it will be blocked by the blocking wall in the well. A sewage pipeline will be used to flow out from the lower side of the interception well, and then it will flow into the urban sewage pipeline system and finally enter the sewage treatment plant.

On rainy days, the rainwater mixed with a small amount of sewage flows into the interception well, some of which enter the sewage pipeline, and the other part climbs over the wall and enters the river, and is purified by the river circulation.

The integrated interception well integrates the functions of waterlogging prevention, drainage and interception. Data is collected through sensing devices such as liquid level gauges, rain gauges, water quality monitors, etc. The intelligent control system is adopted to automatically judge and control the actions of the drainage gate, the sewage interception gate and the submersible sewage pump according to different working conditions.

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The cloud digital radio is not only suitable for urban waterlogging monitoring and early warning systems, but also widely used in oilfield operations, industrial collection and other industrial scenarios.

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